My First Post and the ‘Monthly Playlist Project’

Welcome to Aquarian Music! This is a place where all music lovers can come together and find a place for open discussion about the music we love to love or hate!

To celebrate our my post I’m are going to be starting the “Monthly Playlist Project” even if its almost the end of February! Each month, I will be putting together playlists of the 20 or so songs that I’ve been listening to repearedly on my Spotify. Not only is this convenient for me to keep track of all the tracks(a pun) I’m currently into, but it will be awesome to put all of the months together into one big “Aquarian Music 2017 Playlist” at the end of the year!

This months playlist is as follows:

Although some of these songs are older than this playlist would seem, thats only because I’ve been waiting for more good music to come out! However, the highlight of this playlist is “Issues” by Julia Michaels who may be making her debut as a vocalist, but has been writing hits for a long enough amount of time that the 23 year-old has already made her name famous in the Pop music songwriting industry.

I hope you enjoy January’s playlist and prepare for February’s which is a favorite playlist of mine.