This site is run by Jack Ryan Clark. I’m a passionate music fan and my ears have been glued to pop radio ever since I could hear. What used to be a generic obsession turned into a fascination for me. I began “studying” charts, sales figures, awards and nominations, album reviews, music criticism, and so much more because it interests me to discover exactly what it is that makes people enjoy music so much. Why do some songs appeal to the masses and others don’t? What is the definition of a “good song?” I know these questions don’t have answers, but it’s the hunt for truth that produce some of the most memorable works. 

I founded Aquarian Music as a place for myself to express thoughts and share music news and reviews that I care about and want to show others, as well as just conversation about the industry in general. I particularly enjoy pop and contemporary music, but I’m constantly exploring new genres and reaching far past my limits to hopefully possess the ability to influence radio myself one day, in some way.