A College Class’ Playlist

I asked college students to “Pick one song that [they] feel holds a lot of meaning to [them] personally, and write a paragraph explaining why. All of the songs will be added into a playlist as a way to explain who everyone in this class is through music.”

We created the following diverse playlist:

(Minus one song that was unavailable on Spotify)
I chose “Moments” by Tove Lo because as she said herself “this is a song about not being perfect.” I found a lot of inner strength through this song and the honesty of its lyrics in a time when I needed it the most, and it blew my mind how this song’s meaning became so much more important to me as I changed so much as a person. This is just one of those songs that always makes me feel so many feelings everytime I hear it.

Crystal Rose:


Never Let Me Go – Florence + the Machine

“When I first heard this song in an episode of The Vampire Diaries, it immediately struck a chord with me (no pun intended) and I found myself hitting the replay button over and over. Through this song I discovered an entire genre of music I hadn’t explored before prompting a change in my overall musical preferences. It came at a time when I myself was changing, so it was appropriate that my taste in music would change with me. To me, this song represents personal growth and self-discovery which provides new perspective and meaning to the lyrics – the death of my old self and rebirth of a new self. I now consider this to be my favorite song of all time and whenever it comes up on Pandora or my personal playlist, I just stop to absorb the melody and appreciate all of the new songs it has brought into my life.”

Stephanie Bicchetti
“Troye Sivan has written quite a few songs that mean a lot to me, but Fools really stood out. In the chorus of this song Troye Sivan says, “Only fools fall for you. Only fools do what I do.” That lyric really stuck out to me, but not for what you think. While most people would read that and think it has something to do with a relationship, it related to me more in the friendship sense. My freshman year of college I became very close with a girl that lived on my floor. We were pretty much inseparable, but we weren’t perfect. I will never say that I’ve done nothing wrong, but this girl screwed with our friendship one too many times and I just kept falling for it. The day this song was released was perfect timing because it was when that friendship finally came to an end. When I listen to this song it almost feels relieving in a sense. It takes me back to everything I have overcome. It’s a reminder that if someone is toxic in your life, it’s okay to just let them go. It reminds me that I had finally put myself first instead of trying to suffer through a friendship that was only causing me to be unhappy. I guess you can say this song is my escape.”

Alexandra George:


“I love music any song that comes on the radio I can’t help but start singing or humming to the song, but I do have to say the song that holds to most meaning to me would have to be “Don’t forget to Remember me” by Carrie Underwood. I don’t just love the song because it’s by Carrie Underwood it makes me think of the time when I turned 18 and had to leave my father’s place to start my college career. It reminds me that no matter where you go people won’t forget about you. My favorite verse would have to be

“Baby, don’t forget

Before you hit the highway

You better stop for gas

There’s a fifty in the ashtray

In case you run short on cash

Here’s a map, and here’s a Bible

If you ever lose your way

Just one more thing before you leave

Don’t forget to remember me.”

It’s the verse that stuck with me and anytime I feel lost I talk to God and my father who I know will always be there.”

Jenna Hudson:


“A song that holds a lot of meaning to me personally is How To Save A Life by The Fray. This song holds a lot of meaning to me personally because of some things that happened to me a few years ago. While a lot of people interpret this song as having to do with drinking, drugs or suicide (and it very well might be about that) I do not interpret it that way. I literally take it as a friendship or relationship being ruined causing you to lose someone who was important to you in more than one way. The song shows the regret someone may have for not doing the things that they should have done. Which has happened to me and sometimes I still have regret.”

Leanne Bansuhi:


“My heart will go on by Celine Dion is my absolute favorite song of all time. First, it is the song associated with the Titanic, which is one of the greatest movies in history. Second, ever since the first time i heard it, I have been obsessed with it and have continued to listen to and sing to it throughout these years.”



Victoria Siebecker:


“Most songs I listen to do not have a real meaning to me. I just listen for enjoyment. One song that has meaning to me and my boyfriend is “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. We consider this song “our song” and I like the beat and catchy lyrics. Even though it is not really a relationship song I like the line “I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight.” Sometimes our relationship is forced to be long distance and that fits how we feel sometimes when we haven’t seen each other in a while. We love to sing this song to each other and it instantly puts a smile on our faces.”

Kaitlin Lunger:


“There are a lot of songs that hold a significant amount of meaning to me because I believe that songs represent who we are and I believe that the song that means the most to us will often times change based on what season of our lives we’re currently in. I’ve been listening to a song called “You’re Gonna Be Okay” by Jenn Johnson pretty frequently over the last few weeks that holds a lot of meaning to me personally because of a few things I’ve faced recently, one of which was the death of a family member, whom I was close with. It’s basically talking about digging deep within to find strength and hope in everyday life by taking it one step at a time. I think that it speaks volumes for anybody facing any type of difficult situation. This song gives reassurance that things will be okay, we just have to learn to find the strength we have within us to keep on going, even when it seems impossible.”

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February Monthly Playlist Project!

I loved everything about this February, I’m not gonna lie. I turned 21 on the first day of this fantastic month and made sure that I would be enjoying all 28 days to the fullest. So of course the only way to do that is to start with an amazing playlist right??

I was dancing and enjoying the hell out of these sounds for the past four weeks, and I’m so sad to move on! I actually saw Tove Lo on her #Ladywood tour and she was great! Phoebe Ryan was her opening act, they rocked and are both featured in this playlist(“Lies in the Dark” is my favorite).

This was one of my favorite video snippets from the concert, enjoy! (I LOVE TOVE LO BTW)

The Kygo/Selena Gomez and Cashmere Cat/Camilla Cabello collaborations were a very unexpected surprise but as big fans of all four artists I was ecstatic! Judging off of both Cat’s and Cabello’s works they’ve released leading up to their debut albums, the industry is in for a taste of pop perfection. I can’t wait to hear both of their full length LP’s, with Cashmere’s likely to take over the EDM conversations, if I had to guess.

It’s only the second day of March today, so hopefully there will be great tunes to look forward to this month! Until then- STAY LISTENING!


My First Post and the ‘Monthly Playlist Project’

Welcome to Aquarian Music! This is a place where all music lovers can come together and find a place for open discussion about the music we love to love or hate!

To celebrate our my post I’m are going to be starting the “Monthly Playlist Project” even if its almost the end of February! Each month, I will be putting together playlists of the 20 or so songs that I’ve been listening to repearedly on my Spotify. Not only is this convenient for me to keep track of all the tracks(a pun) I’m currently into, but it will be awesome to put all of the months together into one big “Aquarian Music 2017 Playlist” at the end of the year!

This months playlist is as follows:

Although some of these songs are older than this playlist would seem, thats only because I’ve been waiting for more good music to come out! However, the highlight of this playlist is “Issues” by Julia Michaels who may be making her debut as a vocalist, but has been writing hits for a long enough amount of time that the 23 year-old has already made her name famous in the Pop music songwriting industry.

I hope you enjoy January’s playlist and prepare for February’s which is a favorite playlist of mine.