Ed Sheeran Debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart with ÷

After a full first week of sales, Ed Sheeran has not only topped the Billboard 200 albums chart for the second time in his career, but his LP had the largest sales opening of the year so far! Divide sold 451,000 equivalent units(pure sales + streams) in the United states, and has been dominating the charts across the pond as well. As of the time of my writing this Ed’s “Shape of You” is also #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart where he’s ruled for a total of six weeks and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be sacrificing that position any time soon.

I think its safe to say that at least for now its Ed’s world and we’re all just living in it!

Source: Billboard

Beyoncé and Others Pen Letter On International Women’s Day

Beyoncé, Julia Roberts, Madonna and more are among a handful of celebrities who penned and signed a letter in support of Global Citizen and Chime For Change on International Women’s Day. The letter is in response to the changing political climate in both America and the world, and emphasizes that “fighting for gender equality is the emergency and the opportunity of our time.” Beyoncé co-founded the Chime For Change foundation in 2013, an organization for “female empowerment,” and has since become one of the most prominent and strongest voices of modern-day feminism.

Source: Rolling Stone

The Chainsmokers Join an Exclusive Club with The Beatles and The Bee Gees

By charting three songs in the Billboard Hot 100 top ten, The Chainsmokers become only the third act in history to accomplish this very impressive feat with their songs “Closer,”Paris,” and most recently “Something Just Like This.” Their newest song features Coldplay and the vocals of front man Chris Martin.

Regardless of one’s personal feelings about these two guys, its impossible to deny their impact and ability to make music that’s widely enjoyed.

Source: Forbes

February Monthly Playlist Project!

I loved everything about this February, I’m not gonna lie. I turned 21 on the first day of this fantastic month and made sure that I would be enjoying all 28 days to the fullest. So of course the only way to do that is to start with an amazing playlist right??

I was dancing and enjoying the hell out of these sounds for the past four weeks, and I’m so sad to move on! I actually saw Tove Lo on her #Ladywood tour and she was great! Phoebe Ryan was her opening act, they rocked and are both featured in this playlist(“Lies in the Dark” is my favorite).

This was one of my favorite video snippets from the concert, enjoy! (I LOVE TOVE LO BTW)

The Kygo/Selena Gomez and Cashmere Cat/Camilla Cabello collaborations were a very unexpected surprise but as big fans of all four artists I was ecstatic! Judging off of both Cat’s and Cabello’s works they’ve released leading up to their debut albums, the industry is in for a taste of pop perfection. I can’t wait to hear both of their full length LP’s, with Cashmere’s likely to take over the EDM conversations, if I had to guess.

It’s only the second day of March today, so hopefully there will be great tunes to look forward to this month! Until then- STAY LISTENING!


My First Post and the ‘Monthly Playlist Project’

Welcome to Aquarian Music! This is a place where all music lovers can come together and find a place for open discussion about the music we love to love or hate!

To celebrate our my post I’m are going to be starting the “Monthly Playlist Project” even if its almost the end of February! Each month, I will be putting together playlists of the 20 or so songs that I’ve been listening to repearedly on my Spotify. Not only is this convenient for me to keep track of all the tracks(a pun) I’m currently into, but it will be awesome to put all of the months together into one big “Aquarian Music 2017 Playlist” at the end of the year!

This months playlist is as follows:

Although some of these songs are older than this playlist would seem, thats only because I’ve been waiting for more good music to come out! However, the highlight of this playlist is “Issues” by Julia Michaels who may be making her debut as a vocalist, but has been writing hits for a long enough amount of time that the 23 year-old has already made her name famous in the Pop music songwriting industry.

I hope you enjoy January’s playlist and prepare for February’s which is a favorite playlist of mine.