Miley Cyrus’ New Single “Malibu” Will Make You Emotional

Miley Cyrus has finally released her long-awaited single “Malibu,” a song dedicated to her finacĂ© Liam Hemsworth, and it’s the first official label release since her fantastic and iconic break-up record about the same man, “Bangerz.”

Now, I hate to get overly personal but this song and video made me tear up a bit. Bangerz is one of my favorite albums in terms of lyrical content, and if you haven’t listened to the record in its entirety, it is one of the best breakup LP’s I can think of. It’s raw, honest, and a heartbreakingly poignant record that was released in a time where her public image was being bombarded by the media. She was also barely into her 20’s and going through so many turbulent trials in her life, but it showcased her artistry and talent so beautifully, and better than many of her older contemporaries could wish to produce; it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. 

So when I heard the soft pop-rock and whimsical vocals come out of my phone when I listened to “Malibu” for the first time I was in shock, but then I listened and I couldn’t stop smiling because I was so happy. Happy for her, and no one else. She seems so happy, bright, and full of love, all of which she deserves endless amounts of. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, and the song picks up so nicely I feel almost as though I’m listening to a pop-rock song from the early 2000’s, and it’s amazing and refreshing. The anticipation for her new album is intense, but in the mean time all we can do is wait and watch/stream/buy “Malibu” until we get the entire record! 

Miley will also be performing her new single on TV for he first time ever at the Billboard Music awards later this month. 

You can find the song here:

And watch the music video here!